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Rising Damp

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Having trouble with rising damp?

Are the walls of your property damp and need a maintenance service? You can rely on 1st Call Heritage Ltd for efficient damp proofing and restoration services. Enjoy a stress-free time while we handle all your building restoration services efficiently. Our services are designed to suit your budget and needs accordingly. Contact us today!
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Get your property surveyed

If you're unsure whether you need restoration services for your property, you can get our experts to take a look at it. Our experts will do a thorough survey for your home or office and give you impartial advice on the next course of action.
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Some of our services

Efficient basement conversion for that extra space

If you have a dingy basement which is lying unused, you can get it converted into a beautiful room and add more space to your existing home. You can spend quality time with your family by turning your unused space into an entertainment room and enjoying a movie, or you could make it into your office. Our work is undertaken according to BS 8102 standards, which means your basement will be water tight.
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"We are very pleased with the work and in particular the way the repairs to the pointing were carried out. Your Mr Harry Robinson took great care to match the colour and detailing of the existing pointing and the finished job is virtually unnoticeable on the face brick areas. Please pass on my thanks for the trouble he went to."
— A happy client
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To get rid of rising damp, 1st Call Heritage Ltd offers first-rate damp proofing services in Portsmouth and throughout Hampshire and Sussex.
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