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Woodworm Treatment

woodworm treatment

Reliable woodworm treatment

Have you noticed small holes on your wooden furniture or the wooden frames of your building? It may be necessary to treat your timber for woodworm and protect it from further harm. If neglected, the wood can become completely porous causing a major risk to the safety of your building. Get in touch with 1st Call Heritage Ltd for a thorough site survey.
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Premium services for you

We understand your concern when it comes to maintaining and protecting your property from dampness and infestations. No matter what your requirements are, we have the expertise to handle them all. We serve throughout Portsmouth, Southampton and throughout Hampshire and Sussex..
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Our services include:

Timber protection for a long lasting building

Most older buildings have heavy wooden frames used in construction. These wooden frames may suffer from, dampness, rough weather conditions and woodworm. If you own such a building, you have to maintain the timber with regular treatments and services. Contact 1st Call Heritage Ltd for all your wood maintenance requirements.
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For woodworm treatment services in Portsmouth, Southampton and throughout Hampshire and Sussex, get in touch with 1st Call Heritage Ltd
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